Traveling Lessons/Training (No longer offered)

Traveling lessons are not available at this time. Please feel free to contact Chelsea to schedule your trailer-in lesson.

Services are offered in Northern Virginia, parts of Maryland, and eastern West Virginia.

Spiegel Equine is based at a great location central to:
    Leesburg, VA
    Middleburg, VA
    Upperville, VA
    Berryville, VA
    Charles Town, WV

Lesson/Training Fees:  All fees are based on the assumption that your facility is located within 45 minutes of Purcellville, VA.  Additional distances may be considered for an extended fee.  Arena fees (if applicable) are not included in the rates if you are trailering or hacking to an alternate facility for your lesson.

-Traveling Lessons (to be pre-paid in blocks of 4)

    Forty-five minute private lesson $65

    Forty-five minute semi-private lesson $50 each

    One hour group lesson $45 each

-Training/schooling (invoices sent out bi-weekly)

    Session $55 (a discounted rate of $50/horse will be used for multiple horses at the same facility scheduled sequentially)


    For the Rider

            8 Lessons pre-paid $504 to be taken within a 10 week time period

      For the Horse

            3 sessions/week $160

            4 sessions/week $210

      For both the Horse and Rider

            1 private lesson and 1 training session/week $115

            1 private lesson and 2 training sessions/week $165

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