About Us

Chelsea Spiegel

Equine Background 

Chelsea has been working with horses for over 20 years and earned her USDF Bronze Medal on her 6 year old youngster that she broke and brought through the levels.  As a graduate of the Equestrian Studies program at Averett University where she had regular instruction from Jean-Paul Pare and participated in clinics with Cindy Sydnor, she has an abundant amount of combined practical horse experience as well as the equestrian degree/education to back it up.  She takes lessons with Wanna Gerlach and Britta Johnston in order to continue her riding education.  Chelsea offers training as well as lessons for the rider focusing on positioning of the body and how to effectively communicate with the horse.  Riding is approached as a conversation between horse and rider without the use of words.  

It is easy for the rider to lose focus on just how much our anatomy effects every movement of the horse.  Chelsea teaches students to become more effective using the body and core so that the horse can be ridden properly propelling the energy from the haunches to the hand.  It is important for students to learn not only what to do in a situation but why that is the appropriate action so that they will become more educated riders rather than passengers who are then able to problem solve better on their own.  

Although specializing in dressage, Chelsea has a background in eventing.  She finds her dressage specialty becomes very useful in jumping lessons as well.  Her students will have horses with better rhythm and balance along with the precision control to line-up on approach to their fences.  This allows for a safe, harmonious, and fun outlook on jumping.

Throughout her career, Chelsea has taught all ages ranging in levels from beginner up through 2nd Level Dressage.  She enjoys working the more difficult horses as well as those who already know their job.

Chelsea offers insured instruction and training of your boarded horse as well as trailer-in lessons.  Also available are lessons on her educated school horses at her home farm, Maplehurst Stables, in Purcellville, VA.