Boarding and Facilities

We've been busy! Two new 12x15 stalls, rubber paver aisle, and expanded tackroom now including a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

Spiegel Equine has a homebase facility in the Purcellville/Middleburg area.  Trailer-ins welcome.  Partial and Full Training Board Available.  Lessons are inclusive with all training packages. Limited spaces for non-training boarders.

Come see our new, lit outdoor arena with all-weather rubber footing!


Maplehurst Stables
Beautiful, plentiful pastures with access to shade and/or run-ins.  Safe, four-board fencing for all of the paddocks.  Small turnout numbers with a maximum of 2-4 horses/field.  Private turnout available for an additional fee.  Hot/cold wash rack with heating lamp.  Climate controlled tack room with central air and heating.  Lounge with kitchen and bathroom. Each boarder has their own personal tack cubby. Barn washer/dryer. Plenty of outdoor lighting as well as secure, smart locking system. Lovely Amish built barn with a rubber paver center aisle.  Automatic fly sprayers in the aisle and stalls.  Come and enjoy the benefits of a small but professional facility.  Hooves are picked and horses are given a quick once over grooming each day when they come into their stalls!  Large, 100x200 outdoor arena with lights and all-weather rubber footing.  


Full Care Board is available with Partial Training as well as Full Training Packages
  • 12×12 or 12x15 matted stalls with premium bedding each with a dutch door as well as a window to the outside
  • Salt licks in stalls and in fields
  • Hooves are picked and horses are given a quick once over grooming while in their stalls each day (a great way to keep an eye on loose or thrown shoes as well as checking for injuries).
  • Minor injuries and scrapes are dressed and medicated free of charge
  • Heated water buckets in winter
  • Fans in the summer
  • Daily turn out (weather permitting) in fields of 2-4 horses
  • Twice daily quality grain (Purina, Nutrena, Pennfield, etc) in accordance to individualized feeding programs
  • Laundry service (saddle pads, wraps, grooming towels)
  • Feeding of owner provided supplements
  • High quality free-choice hay provided in stalls year round and in fields during winter
  • Twice daily hands on checks
  • Application of owner provided fly spray and fly masks in summer
  • Blanketing in winter
  • On especially hot days, horses will be hosed down at least once per day
  • Scheduling and holding for routine vet and farrier appointments
  • When horses are stalled: Night checks in the winter and afternoon checks in the summer including stall cleaning, hay, and water.
Full Care Board    $685
  • All boarders are offered a reduced lesson/training rate of $45 per session for those who don't want a full boarding package or are looking to customize their schedule.

Full Care Field Board    $450
  • All Full Board benefits minus the stall 
  • 24 hour turnout with access to a run-in shed

Partial Training Board    $1005
  • All Full Board benefits
  • Training/Lessons 2 days/week
Full Training Board    $1245
  • All Full Board Benefits
  • Training/Lessons 4-5 days/week
  Partial Training Field Board    $770
  • Limited Availability
  • Training/Lessons 2 days/week