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            Fernando van de La Cheval

Fernando is a 5 year old Friesian Sport Horse.  Large boned and standing at 15.3 hands he is well suited to riders of most any body type.  His build is sturdy and strong while maintaining a beautiful, ground-covering, and elegant stride.  An ideal amateur mount, he is fancy and will show well but is incredibly willing with an unparalleled temperament.  He is so amazingly reliable that I rode him all the way through my pregnancy to the very week I delivered; most of this time was during his very first year under saddle as a four year old.  
    Fernando is a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle.  He even performed at his first schooling dressage show after only 30 days under saddle scoring in the 80's at intro level.  An absolute dream in the arena, away at the shows, and on the trails.  He crosses water, walks over logs, and crosses bridges.  He is currently showing at Training Level with amazing prospects at the upper levels.  Fernando is very easy to teach as you will not find a more willing partner.  He has great energy without being the least bit hot.  He always gets his leads and has been working on the following movements: lengthenings in the trot and canter, shoulder-fore, shoulder-in, leg-yield, turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, simple changes, counter-canter, and haunches-in.

-Private Treaty.  Call for price negotiations.  

           FihnaPhotos by Onawa Rock
Fihna- Photo by Onawa Rock

Favory Samira (Fihna) is an in-your-pocket kind of guy with a very gentle, willing personality.  He is well-bred, upcoming 4 year old Lipizzan gelding.  He is now doing walk/trot nicely under saddle.  He is coming along very well with his change of bend through walk and trot patterns and is getting more consistent coming into your hand in a nice, low frame.  He has also just started trotting over ground poles.  He is very laid back in his training and is not one to be easily fazed.  This guy would make a great all around mount for someone looking for a horse to do it all.  He would be well suited for an adult or even a child once he gets some mileage under his belt.

    Feb. 7, 2012 update: Fihna is now doing some leg yield and shoulder-fore at the walk and leg yield at the trot.  He has also started work at the canter.

    Feb. 21, 2012 update:  Fihna is now cantering large circles and maintaining his canter around the entire arena.  He is still primarily being cantered in a light seat but he is cantering some with a deeper seat.  He has a great natural balance.  He is now doing some work at sitting trot including shoulder- fore and leg yield.  Fabulous potential for amateur dressage mount, pony club, child's event horse or all around trail/family horse.

    April 20, 2012 update:  Fihna has shown at his first dressage show and is getting ready for his second.  It was his first time off property and he was fantastic!  He behavior could not have been better, and he showed two tests (Intro A and Intro B- both scoring in the 60's).

                    AnaPhotos by Onawa Rock


Anatinza (Ana) is an energetic mare with star potential in the dressage arena!  She is a well-bred, upcoming 5 year old Lipizzan mare with loads of movement.  Her gaits have great winning potential and she is fabulously naturally balanced.  She would be best suited for an experienced adult wanting to show.  This is a very intelligent mare that picks up her training very quickly.  Ana is going very nicely under saddle at walk, trot, and canter.


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Anatinza (Ana)- SOLD Lipizzan mare $8,500 
Fernando van de La Cheval (Fern) Friesian Sport Horse Private Treaty 
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